Frequently Asked Questions

No, the current version of IE Tab only works on Windows. We are investigating ways to support it on Mac or Linux in the future.

You do so by adding an Auto URL filter that matches the page:

  • Right-click on the IE Tab action icon and select "Options"
  • Look for the "Auto URLs" options box. Enter a filter that matches the URL you want to automatically open with IE Tab

IE Tab uses the Internet Explorer Web Browser Control to display web pages in Chrome. This is the same core engine that Internet Explorer uses, so IE Tab is exactly as secure as your installed version of Internet Explorer is.

You should keep your version of Internet Explorer up to date to make sure you have the latest security patches and improvements.

IE Tab uses your currently installed version of Internet Explorer to render web pages in Chrome. However, you have control over which emulation mode it uses. Right-click on the IE Tab icon and select Options to learn more about setting the emulation mode.