Deploying Extensions Locally

Web Store Deployment

We have online documentation that describes the preferred deployment mechanism for the IE Tab extension:   ie-tab-documentation#deployment

This mechanism installs the IE Tab extension from the Chrome Web Store and the installed version will be automatically updated when the IE Tab extension is updated.

Problems with Web Store Deployment

However, there are a couple of reasons why this mechanism may not work for some customers:

  1. Corporate firewall.  Some enterprise users are behind a corporate firewall that restricts them from accessing the Chrome Web Store.
  2. A need to control updates.  Automatic updates come with some risk, so many larger installations prefer to control their own updates.  This is especially important if they are controlling the version of Chrome that they deploy since an IE Tab update may rely on features that are in a newer version of Chrome than they have installed.

For these reasons, it is sometimes desirable to install IE Tab from either the local machine or the local intranet.

Local Deployment

For customers who are under a maintenance contract, we provide a service to help them perform local deployments.  This is the recommended approach because other approaches result in a situation where it may be very difficult to update the extension.

The local deployment approach works like this:

  1. You find either an intranet location (e.g. http://internal-server/ietab/) from which to install the extension or a fixed local file system location (file:///C:/ietab_install) where you will use your deployment tools to push the requisite IE Tab deployment files.
  2. You tell us this fixed URL.
  3. We prepare an extension package that can be installed from this location and provide it for you.

We have to provide you with a custom package because the extension file itself (the .CRX file) contains the update URL.

If we don’t provide a custom version of this package for you and you try to install from a local location without an updated CRX file, then you will not be able to update the IE Tab installation because the default CRX file will still try to update the extension from the Chrome Web Store.  So you will either get updates from the store (which you may have been trying to avoid), or if the machine does not have access to the Web Store, you will not be able to update the extension.

Next Steps

Please contact us at if you would like to get signed up for local deployments.



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