Enable Java plugin in Chrome with IE Tab

(Note:  — WINDOWS ONLY — This solution only works on Windows devices)

The Chrome team has removed NPAPI support from Chrome. This means that the Java plugin and the web sites that depend on it will no longer work in Chrome.

But with the IE Tab extension you can still use Chrome with web sites that require Java.

What is IE Tab?

IE Tab is a Chrome extension in use by nearly 3 million users that allows you to use the Internet Explorer rendering engine in a tab in Chrome.

It is typically used for web sites that require Internet Explorer functionality (like ActiveX support). IE Tab allows users to view web sites that require IE without having   to launch Internet Explorer separately.

IE Tab also provides the ability for you to tell it which web sites you need to use IE Tab for and it will automatically open those web sites with IE Tab, providing you with a seamless experience.

How does Java work in IE Tab?

Java works in Internet Explorer using Internet Explorer’s plugin functionality (which is NOT NPAPI).

Since IE Tab supports the same plugin functionality as IE, then as long as Java works in IE then it will work in IE Tab on the same machine.

Okay, show me how!

1. Install the IE Tab extension from the Chrome Web Store:


2. Once installed, click on the IE Tab icon.

3. Install the IE Tab Helper.

When you click on the IE Tab icon, you will be prompted to install the IE Tab Helper.

The IE Tab Helper application is a separate application that is used by the IE  Tab extension. The helper application is necessary to load the IE rendering  engine since that type of functionality is not otherwise available to  extensions.

4. Go to the web site that uses Java.

5. Click on the IE Tab icon to load the page in IE Tab.

You now have the site running in Chrome with IE Tab!

6. Right-click on the IE Tab icon and select Options.

7. Enter an Auto URL for the web site that uses Java.

Now whenever you visit that web site it will automatically open in IE Tab without you  having to click on the IE Tab icon.

Enterprise Customers

You can deploy IE Tab to your users and pre-configure the Auto URLs so your Java applications will “just work” without your users having to do anything.

You can read more about performing a full IE Tab deployment here: http://www.ietab.net/ie-tab-documentation

You will need to purchase licenses for your users (IE Tab requires a license for business use).  For smaller deployments  you can see our current price sheet and purchase your licenses here:


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